About Me

I am a Chemical Engineer by profession and currently working as a Cosmetic Formulator in the Philippines.

I am a frustrated chef.  I love to cook and experiment not only in the laboratory but also in the kitchen.

My love for cooking awakens out of curiosity and the fact that I like to eat.  I remember when I was a child, I'm so focused watching cooking shows hosted by Sandy Daza and Heny Sison and felt amazed how they transform those raw ingredients into something that looks so delicious.  

I also remembered collecting Knorr cubes boxes, cans of Nestle creams and free recipes from different products and tried the recipes.  There was this instance during Grade 3 that I bought a recipe book, Recipes for All Occasions, from a publishing company visiting our school.  I forcefully ask my mom to give me money to buy the book and she kindly gave me.  Now I wonder, I think I'm the only one in our class who bought that book.  Others bought science, math and English related books.  Luckily, now we have the internet and its full of thousands of recipes all over the world.

The joy of cooking and baking is a different level of sensation to me.  It's something that I enjoy doing and it's as of it lifts away all my stresses.  When someone, specially my loved ones would praise my dish, it gave me a different kind of joy and fulfillment that I made them happy and satisfied.  

Maybe you are wondering why I not took culinary degree in college.  First, I'm not sure of what I want back then.  I know I love to cook but it was overshadowed by math, science and other school subjects.  We have baking lesson in Home Economics but it was only taught to girls and the boys are taught of drafting and electronics, which I really sucked.

Second, the time I realized my passion, I'm already graduating and I don't have any more the luxury to shift to another course.  Don't get me wrong but I'm doing well with my chosen field, I even passed the board examination.  I love my chosen field and job.  It gave me technical knowledge that I could also use in cooking.  

Third, I love cooking.  It is my passion.  I don't want my passion to be my job that would eventually consume me to stress out.  I just want to enjoy every minute of cooking.  I think, having a cooking job would require me to move and cook fast for the costumers.  I don't want that.  Cooking is my stress reliever.  I just want to enjoy it.  That is why I created this blog.  I could cook and share my recipes without pressure from the outside world.  I cook and post my recipes whenever I want.  

I encourage everyone to learn how to cook.  It's not for self-glory or a plus point, but learn how to cook for your loved ones.  Learn how to cook to make your loved ones happy.  Learn how to cook to show them how much you love them and how special they are.

I hope Kusina ni Teds shall encourage everyone to cook and eat delicious food at the comfort of their home.


  1. I am glad I discovered your blog. I am always in search of interesting recipes and I found quite a few of your recipes that I want to try. Thanks. :)

    1. Thanks lalaine! I hope you can share you experience with my recipe.