Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sizzling Canned Squid Sisig

What's this smoking hot dish served in sizzling plate with an aroma that will really make you hungry?  Yeah!  It's sisig.  This dish with chopped meat of who knows what is usually made of pork but variations like chicken, milkfish and anything else also exist.
Different restaurants has there own signature sisig recipe.  Some really stands out and some are just so so.  This dish is deliciously served with rice or is equally good with ice cold beer and a company of your good friends.

We rarely cook this dish at home and seldom order in a restaurant.  Well, my parents has high blood pressure and for me, I take this in moderation since I don't want my blood pressure to shoot up.  However, whenever we oredered this, we made sure that we drink a can of pineapple juice to counteract the fat we ate.

Since today is a holiday and its been a long time since I cook sisig, I decided to prepare a sisig but I don't want the hussle of preparing pork sisig and I don't want the pork fat saturates my body.  Talking about healthy diet, right?

I'm talking about squid sisig.  However, I used the canned sisig since, like what I had said, less hussle.   I bought a big can of canned squid and a small can of liver spread.  Hussle free right?  Just chopped the canned squid, add in the liver spread and mayo and chopped onion.  I seasoned it with soy sauce, sugar and pepper.  Mixed everything together and heat my sizzling plate and I had a nice satisfying breakfast.  I served this with my Aligue Fried Rice and a dipping sauce of soy sauce, calamnsi juice and red chili.


430g                                      Canned Squid
1 1/2 Tablespoons              Liver Spread
2 Tablespoons                    Mayo
2 Tablespoons                    Light Soy Sauce
3 Tablespoons                    Calamansi Juice
1/2 teaspoon                       Sugar
1 bulb                                  Onion, chopped
Dash of black pepper
Chopped chili (optional)


Remove the plastic film from the squid and chopped the squid into chunks.  Place the chopped squid into a bowl.  Add liver spread, mayo, soy sauce, calamansi juice, sugar, onion and pepper.  Add chili if you want.  Mix everything together.

Heat sizzling plate and add oil.  Place the squid sisig onto the sizzling plate for 3 minutes and cracked the egg and serve.  Serve with soy sauce with calamansi juice and chili.


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