Sunday, July 3, 2016

Aligue or Crab Fat Fried Rice

We seldom cook crab in our home, maybe a once in a quarter.  However, whenever we cooked one, we usually always go hunting for that bright orange fat hiding in its shell.  In my case, I eat it last as though it's my dessert.  I love its rich flavorful taste.  But of course, we know how high its cholesterol is, so take it in moderation.
While strolling the grocery last night and looking for something to cook for breakfast, I stumbled upon these orange jars of aligue or crab fat.  I heard it talking and saying "Buy me. Buy me." Who am I to resist.

I bought a jar without knowing what to cook with it.  I just bought it.  I know I'm an impulsive buyer when it comes to food ingredients.  While walking home, my mind is preoccupied with what to do with it.  Then, I thought of aligue fried rice.  The thought of aligue in my fried rice just made me drool.  I can already imagined eating an orange rice, packed with the rich flavor of crab fat.

I woke up early this morning and saw my mom preparing for breakfast.  She cooked a sunny side-up egg and a scrambled egg, longganisa and kikiams.  She had some chopped garlic ready for the fried rice.  Luckily, she hadn't started cooking the rice and I quickly volunteered to prepare the fried rice.

I sauted the garlic in olive oil and added the crab fat.  I sauted it for a few minutes before adding the leftover rice, which I intentionally cooked the night before.  I stir in the rice until everything was coated with the aligue and added an egg and stir.  I garnished it with onion chive to balanced the flavor.  Voila!  Longsilog with aligue for breakfast.  Just a quick note, I used a tablespoon of aligue or crab fat for every cup of rice.


2 Tablespoons                               Olive Oil
3 cloves                                          Garlic,  chopped
3 Tablespoons                               Aligue or Crab Fat
3 cups                                              Day Old Rice
1/2 teaspoon                                   Sugar
1 piece                                             Egg
Onion chive for garnish


Heat pan and add olive oil.  Add the garlic and saute until the fragrance smells that of cooked garlic.  You don't have to saute the garlic until golden brown.  Just bring out the flavor of the garlic.

Add the aligue or crab fat and stir for a minute.  Add the day old rice and mix until everything is covered with the aligue.

Make a well at the center and cracked in the egg.  Quickly stir the egg until cook and mix everything together.  Season with salt and garnish with chopped onion chive.

Serve with your favorite breakfast toppings.  In my case, longganisa and sunny side-up egg and a dipping sauce of sukang pinakurat.


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