Sunday, June 19, 2016

Unwrapped: SPAM Tocino in Kimchi Fried Rice

This is my second Unwrapped review.  I will be reviewing another SPAM flavor which is the tocino flavor.  Tocino is a Filipino sweetened cured meat, usually pork.  It is best serve with fried rice and egg.
SPAM on the other hand is a American canned meat.  It's usually salty, though there is already a 30% less sodium available now.  This flavor, as it's label suggest, must be sweet and salty.  Very typical Asian flavor,  right?

The good thing about SPAM's packging is, it comes with an easy to open lid.  No need for can opener.  I hope all manufacturers of canned products must realize how will this make their customers' life easy.

Like the previous SPAM reviewed, it has a firm texture.  You will not worry it will shred into pieces when you fry it.  Just a tip, cook it in medium low heat.  It has sugar in it and cooking at high heat will surely burn the sugar and you will have dark bitter tasting particles.

How does it taste?  It taste like the regular SPAM with a subtle sweetness.  The taste of the tocino flavor is subtle and not overwhelming.  I think, I still prefer the Hickory flavor.

Since I'm expecting this flavor to be sweet and salty, instead of pairing it with my regular fried rice, I decided to pair it with kimchi fried rice.  For the egg, I prepared sunny side-up and cheesy scrambled egg.  In my opinion, SPAM + kimchi fried rice + cheesy scrambled egg is the winner.

Kimchi Fried Rice

2 Tablespoons            Cooking Oil
2 cups                           Leftover Rice
2 Tablespoons            Kimchi Juice
1/2 cup                         Kimchi, chopped
Salt to taste

Heat pan and add oil.  Add rice and stir for 3 minutes.  Be sure that the rice is free from lumps and fluffy.  Add the kimchi juice and stir for another 2 minutes until the fried rice is coated with red orange color.  Add chopped kimchi and season with salt.

Cheesy Scrambled Egg

3 pieces                          Eggs, lightly beaten
2 Tablespoons               Salted Butter
1/4 cup                            Quickmelt Cheese, grated
Salt to taste
1 Tablespoon                 Butter

Place the eggs into the room temperature pan.  Switch on the heat to low level and add butter.  Stir constantly.  Just keep stirring.  When the texture of the egg looks creamy add the quickmelt cheese and season with salt.  Keep stirring.  Remember, low heat.  When the egg is creamy and fluffy and the last butter and stir for a minute and serve.


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