Sunday, June 5, 2016

Unwrapped: SPAM Hickory Smoke Flavor

Spam review, hickory smoke

Breakfast, as they say is the most important meal of the day.  It fuels you throughout the day.  Never skip breakfast.  Sad to say I'm guilty of not eating breakfast on weekdays.  I usually drink a mug of brewed coffee in the morning and another mug of instant coffee when I arrived at the office.

I'm living in Pasig and I have to travel to Alabang everyday.  So waking up early and moving fast is a must.  It's two hours travel time from home to office.  Don't ask me how long it takes to travel from office to home.  It's like hell.

Weekends, my favorite days of the week.  It's the only time of the week were I could eat breakfast and drink coffee at my leisure.  The time were I could savor every bite of my meal and every sip of my coffee without thinking what time is it.

Today, I decided to fry a can of Spam Hickory Smoke Flavor.  I bought it last week unintentionally.  I was strolling along the aisle of the canned goods section and came across at it.  I'm not a Spam lover and I can't even remember the last time I ate one.  I got curious a decided to buy one.

The funny thing was, when I got home I browse the youtube channel of Buzz Feed and found that they reviewed different Spam flavors.  The worst part was, the Hickory Smoke flavor got the worst review.  Maybe, because they ate it straight from the can.

I decided to make my own review on this one and call this Unwrapped.  This will be my first product review.  To start with, I decided to fry the Spam, since it's what we usually do, right?  Then, I paired it with fried rice and sunny side up egg.  A typical Filipino breakfast, Spamsilog.

It comes in an easy to open can with 340g weight.  The inner material of the can is made up of white food grade plastic, I don't know what you call it though, instead of the typical enamel coated tin can.

Compared with the other luncheon meat, the local and Chinese one, Spam is firmer and more solid or should I say it has more body.  It does not crumble and does not have that jelly-like texture.  It's texture is similar to that of pear shaped ham that you can buy during Christmas.

I decided to sliced it horizontally into eight parts, about 3/4 centimeter.  I fried it and observed that it does not crumble or torn apart when you flip it.

The taste, it' good.  It has a hint of smoky flavor similar to that of processed ham.  Actually, the taste is somewhat nostalgic, like it's Christmas season.  It's a bit on the saltier side when you eat it as is but when you pair it with rice or bread, it balances the saltiness out.

How much is it? Roughly around Php145.00 per 340g.  Will I recommend it? Yes and take note to fry it and don't eat ot straight drom the can.

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