Sunday, June 5, 2016

Asian Style Pork Riblets

Asian pork ribs, pork riblet recipe

My mom bought a kilo pork riblets three weeks ago and I found it really lovely.  It has plenty of meat and less bones.  The bones come thin and small not like the regular rib bones which are chunky.  But do not underestimate it's flavor.  Its plus point is, it's easy to get tender.

My mom cooked it adobo style and it's really good.  However, she also thought that it would also be great a la barbecue style.  Today, I decided to give it a try and cook it Asian barbecue style.  Well, I prepared it the night before so the meat have more time to absorb the marinate.

First, I simmer it for 20 minutes in boiling water with salt and vinegar.  I cooled it for an hour and poured in the marinate.  The marinate mainly consist of char siu, hoisin saice, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, ginger, garlic, chili flakes, ketchup, salt and pepper.  Then, I marinated it overnight before grilling.


Half kilo                         Pork Riblets
1 Tablespoon                Salt
2 Tablespoons              Cane Vinegar
1 Tablespoonful           Hoisin Sauce
1 Tablespoonful           Char Siu
4 Tablespoons               Soy Sauce
2 Tablespoons               Mirin
4 Tablespoons               Banana Ketchup         1 thumb-sized               Ginger, grated
3 cloves                           Garlic, grated
1 Tablespoon                 Brown Sugar
1/2 teaspoon                   Chili Flakes
Salt and pepper


Clean pork riblets.

Combine riblets, water, salt and vinegar.  Boil and simmer for 20 minutes.  Remove the riblets and cool for an hour at room temperature.

Combine hoisin sauce, char siu, soy sauce, mirin, ketchup, ginger, garlic, sugar, chili flakes and season with salt and pepper.  Taste the marinate before adding salt.  Pour into the riblets and marinate overnight.

Grill over low heat with frequent basting of cooking oil.

Asian style pork ribs, sticky pork ribs

Heat marinate sauce until it thickened.  Baste the grilled pork riblets with the marinate sauce when done and grill for another 3 - 5 minutes or until the sauce caramelized.

Pork ribs recipe, grilled pork ribs


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