Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fried Man Tau with Dulce de Leche

One of my favorite cuisine is Chinese food.  My to-go-to place for Chinese food is in China Town in Binondo, Wai Ying.  Don't get deceived by how it looks.  I tell you, the foods are really good and best of all, it's affordable.  I've been eating here since college, that was 10 years ago.

Only recently, my friends and I went to Wai Ying for our Chinese food cravings.  Unlike the usual day we eat here, out of fun, we ordered dishes we never ate before.  When the waiter served an interesting dish to the other table, we secretely asked the waiter what it is and he said it's fried man tau.  It looks good and ordered one.

We were already full that time but the looks of the fried man tau tells us, there's still space in our stomach for that dish.  The fried man tau came.  It's six pieces per order and served with condensed milk as a dipping sauce.  The outer part of the man tau is cripy but the inside is moist and soft.  We dipped it in the condensed milk and yes, it's really great.  I think this will be in my list everytime I will go here.

After eating fried man tau, I told to myself I'm going to make one at home.  Luckily, when I was in the grocery yesterday, I saw this one last bag of man tau and I immediately bought it.  I fried the man tau and simply served it with my pre-cooked dulce de leche on the side.  Yup, dulce de leche is way better than condensed milk.


Cooking Oil for deep frying
12 pcs                        Frozen Man Tau
1 can                          Dulce de Leche


Heat a swallow pan and add oil about 3 inches high.  When the oil is hot, deep fry the thawed man tau until golden brown.  serve with dulce de leche.

Another tip, you can make a cinnamon sugar mixture and simply roll the fried man tau on it.

The exterior of the man tau will be crispy but the inside is soft like cotton.


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