Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pressure Cooked Tinolang Bangus

It's been a more than a month after my last blog post.  My laptop already gave up on me and I don't have any means to upload some recipe.  However, I decided to try my smart phone to write my blog post.  Yup the photo is a little crappy since I'm still practicing my phone photography.  

It's been raining almost everyday this week because of the two typhoons entered the Philippine area of responsibility.  The weather has been really cold and chilling.  A perfect hot soup will be great.

My mom as usual asked me what's for lunch.  It's Christmas season and I'm sicked of eating pork, so I told her we'll be having tinolang bangus or milkfish.  To add a twist on this dish, I pressure cooked it until every last bone is soft and tender.


1 large                                 Milkfish, divide into 5
1 knob                                 Ginger, cut into strips
8 cloves                               Garlic, chopped
1 bulb                                  Onion, chopped
6 cups                                  Water
2 cups                                  Rice wash, hugas bigas
1/2 teaspoon                       Black Pepper
1 small                                 Green Papaya, sliced into 8
Bunch of Red Pepper leaves
Fish Sauce to taste


Thoroughly clean the milkfish.

In a pressure cooker, add the milkfish, ginger, garlic, onion, water, rice wash and pepper.  Bring to a boil and cover.  Pressure cook for 2.5 - 3 hours over low heat.

The heat must be really low so not to disintegrate the fish.  Add the green papaya and red pepper leaves and season with fish sauce.

 This is best serve with bagoong and squeezed calamansi, crushed chili may be added to the dipping sauce to some kick.


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