Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bangus Sisig

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It's Father's Day and this recipe was thought by my father.  The first time he cooked this, I already fell in love with its simplicity.  I remembered my dad cooking this out of grilled milkfish or bangus we had for lunch.  Instead of reheating the grilled milkfish he turned it into sisig which is something new to me that time.

So this recipe is made from oven grilled milkfish we had for lunch last Saturday.  We reheated it for dinner but we have to admit that reheated food tastes different compared with freshly cooked food.  Since we are only two last Saturday, there was plenty of milkfish meat left.  This morning, I asked my mom what is her menu for lunch and she said she'll just reheat the leftover milkfish and pork kinilaw she brought from Batangas.  The thought of reheating the milkfish for the third time had my eyes rolled  in disbelieve.  Then it hit me, bangus sisig.

My dad helped me to debone the remaining fish meat which amounts to a cup and a half.  I chopped some onions and green chili to go with it.  Luckily I found some mayo, spring onion and calamansi in the fridge.  Okay, ingredients complete.


1 1/2 cup                               Deboned Grilled Milkfish
1 1/2 pieces                           Onion, chopped
1 piece                                  Green Chili
1/4 cup                                  Mayo
6 pieces                                 Calamnsi, juiced
1/4 cup                                  Soy Sauce
Chopped Onion Spring for Garnich
Egg for garnish.


Combine everything in a bowl and mix well.

Heat sizzling plate and place bangus sisig.  Garnish with onion spring and topped with egg.  Serve with soy sauce with calamansi.  Add red chili if desired.

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