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Crispy Dinuguan

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Pork Dinuguan or Blood Stew is a Filipino dish consisting of pork meat, liver, intestine and ofcourse blood.  There are different version of this dish depending on what region of the Philippines you where.  There's a soupy type, dry version and even with coconut milk.  But my favorite version of this dish is the dried one especially the crispy dinuguan.

I had my first experience of crispy dinuguan at Kanin Club at Ayala Triangle.  This version is dry with the blood coating the pork meat fried to crispiness.  I bet the pork is fried like of lechon kawali before cooking in dinuguan way.  The dish is superb and the crispiness of the pork adds a magic touch to the dish.

I asked my mom yesterday what she will be cooking this Saturday and she told me she's planning to cook sinigang na pork ribs.  It's a very good dish, however, I find it common and we almost always cooked it twice a month every Saturday or Sunday.  I told her I want to try something new and thought of crispy dinuguan and she agreed.

This is my first time to cook dinuguan as I'm not fond of this dish.  My mom bought a kilo of pork belly which was sliced about 1 inch cube.  The pork is seasoned with fish sauce and boiled until tender and deep fried until crispy.  The garlic and onion were sauteed in oil used in deep frying the pork.  Vinegar is added and after few minutes, the crispy pork belly and boiled liver was added.  Then, the pork blood was poured and cooked for few minutes.  I seasoned it with salt and fish sauce and garnish it with onion spring and green chili.

This dish is a perfect pair to hot steamed rice.

You can also add boiled and fried pork intestine which I bet is also good.  I defer from adding this as my mom will surely have her arthritis attack.


1 kilo                                        Pork Belly, cut into 1-inch cube
Fish Sauce
1 1/2 ups                                   Water
1/4 kilo                                     Pork Liver
1 cup                                        Water
6 cloves                                    Garlic, chopped
1 bulb                                       Onion, chopped
1/4 cup                                     White Vinegar
3/4 cup                                     Pork Blood
Fish Sauce
Black Pepper
Onion Spring, chopped
Green Chili or Siling Panigang


Clean pork and season with fish sauce and marinate for 30-minutes.  In a pan add the marinated pork belly and water and simmer until the pork is tender or until the water almost dries out.  Strain and deep fried until golden brown and crispy.  Drain excess oil and set aside.

In a separate pan, add pork liver, salt and water and simmer for 15 minutes or until the pork liver is cooked,  Slice into cubes and set aside.

In a hot pan, add 1/4 cup oil used from frying the pork belly.  Saute the garlic and onion.  Add the vinegar and let it simmer for 3 minutes.  Stir in the pork belly and liver.  Gradually add the pork blood.  Simmer for another 5 minutes.  Season with fish sauce and black pepper.  Garnish with onion spring and green chili.

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