Saturday, April 4, 2015

Biryani-style Fried Rice with Tomato and Salted Egg

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Last Wednesday, I asked my friend to help me move my things from the office since I'll be working in another company.  I packed my things in a small box and left it in our security office.  Well, he hasn't give me a go signal if he would help me or not.  It was about seven in the evening and I'm almost getting my sleep when he called me and told me he would help me.

He came to our house and off we go to my office, so I thought.  He told me to grab some food along the way but we can't decide which restaurant or fastfood chain to order.  Then, Shawarma Bros pop out in our mind and since it's really near our place we went there to grab our dinner.  We ordered lamb shawarma but it's not available so we settled with beef shawarma.  It was a satisfying dinner but what really sticks to my mind is the biryani rice.  Although their version is not the long grain rice that I know of, it's equally delicious.

Since I've been craving for Persian dish this past few days and I'm consistently cooking this dish every morning since Thursday, I decided to blog it and share my recipe for Biryani-style Fried Rice.  This is not an authentic recipe since I'm using short grain rice but I assure you that the rice itself is very flavorful, that is, if you like Persian dish.  This recipe has a strong flavor of turmeric and cumin and a hint of chili flavor.  I decided to pair it with salted egg and tomatoes for a Filipino touch.


2 Tablespoons                         Cooking Oil
1/2 teaspoon                            Turmeric Powder
1/2 teaspoon                            Cumin Powder
1/4 teaspoon                            Chili Powder
2 cups                                     Leftover Rice
1 Tablespoon                           Butter
Salt to taste
Salted Egg
Spring Onion for garnish


Place cooking oil in a cooking pan.  Heat pan over low heat and add turmeric, cumin and chili and stir.  When the oil starts to heat, add rice and mix until everything is covered with the flavorful yellow tinted oil.  Add butter and season with salt.  Garnish with salted egg, chopped tomatoes and spring onion.

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