Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wai Ying

I've been through a one hell of a week with the scheduled Internal Quality Audit in our company and with my ongoing projects.  So we decided to treat ourselves this last Friday.  we were actually thorn between Bannapple, in Ayala or our all time budget friendly hole-in-the-wall Binondo restaurant, Wai Ying.  With tight budget we settled with Wai Ying in Binondo.  anyway, our new officemates haven't tried it.  We traveled from Pasay to Binondo just to get a taste of their dish.  I don't mind it since I know it's worth it and my tummy will be happy that night.

Wai Ying brings back my college memories as we often eat here during our free time.  My first time here was a shock as I didn't know that they serves big bowl of noodle for a very affordable price, Php110.00 that time.  I just want to give you a heads up that this is a hole-in-whole restaurant.  It's like an airconditioned carinderia so don't expect something fancy.

My all time favorite here is the Beef Wanton Noodle Soup, priced at Php120.00.  The noodle soup is serve with three pieces of wantons and a very generous amount of beef chunks.  The soup is very flavorful and the thin egg noodle has the right firmness that does not turn soggy overtime.

My next favorite is their Steamed Spareribs, priced at Php80.00.  This is a very  tasty dimsum.  In my case and I'm guilty of pairing this dimsum with an extra serving of rice.  I liked it's tenderness with right amount of savoriness.  I just disappointed this time as I did not see any bones or ribs in my order but still, its good.

Their Hakaw, priced at Php80.00 is a must try.  It contains shrimps and when I mean shrimps its solid shrimps and not the coarsely chopped shrimps.  I ordered this for sharing with my officemate.  Another new favorite of mine is their Chicken Feet, priced at Php80.00.  It's equally flavorful and has a melt-in-your-mouth softness.  It's colored red orange with sweet savory taste.  i don't have photo of this one since it came out late and we were so hungry and we already started feasting our food.  All in all I spend Php260.00 for one order of Beef Wanton Mami, Steamed Spareribs, extra rice and half order of Hakaw.  I'm full indeed.

Maybe you're wondering why went through the heavy traffic when they have their Wai Ying.  Well, their Binondo branch is felt more authentic and no offense but their Taft branch seems serving microwaved dimsum.  We went their only once and ordered their siopao and it came out with tough bread similar to that microwaved frozed siopao.  So for real Wai ying experience, go to their Binondo branch, it's worth the travel.  

Our Binondo trip is not complete without visiting Salazar's bakeshop just around the other street.

Wai Ying 
810 Benavidez St.,
Binondo, Manila


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