Sunday, September 14, 2014

Egg and Coleslaw Wrap

The weather is a bit gloomy with rain showers from time to time.  Yes!  It's a lazy day.  I bet all you want to do is sleep and tuck yourself under your blanket.  Well, I'm guilty.

I don't have any plan to cook today since all I want to do is to sleep and rest.  Very much like a couch potato, right?  I checked out our fridge and my dad is busy charging and playing his tab when he asked me what's for merianda.  Okay, I'm caught off guard.  I don't have any plan, but this is some of the rare moment he would ask me to cook so I quickly scan the fridge and found some pita bread, cheese and small cabbage.  I grabbed some eggs and remembered I have a pouch of mayo in the kitchen.  With these ingredients there's only one thing I could make, egg and coleslaw wrap.  Very few ingredients and really simple to prepare.  Yup!  Just under 30 minutes.

I made my scrambled egg a bit fluffy with little butter and instead of using salt, I used quick melt cheese to give it a rich creamy flavor.  For the coleslaw, I simply shred the cabbage, added the mayo and some vinegar.  I warmed the pita bread on a skillet and when each side has visible brown patches, I quickly placed the eggs and coleslaw and roll it up to serve.


4 pieces                            Eggs
1 Tablespoon                   Unsalted Butter
1/4 cup                             Grated Quick Melt Cheese
1 cup                                Grated Cabbage
1/4 cup                             Mayo
1/2 teaspoon                    White Vinegar
6 pieces                            Pita Bread


Place eggs on a skillet and lightly beat the eggs.  Add the butter and place over low heat with continuous stirring.  When the eggs became creamy in texture, add the cheese, stir and remove from heat.  You should have a creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs consistency.

Mix together cabbage, mayo and vinegar in a separate bowl.

On a skillet over low heat, heat the pita bread about 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

Divide the eggs and coleslaw in 6 parts.  Spoon over the eggs and coleslaw on the pita bread and roll.


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