Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rolled Pizza Burger Pita

This afternoon, I felt sleepy but I don't want to sleep because it will keep me awake until midnight and I don't want that.  I'll be the groggy sleepy on tomorrows work.  So, to keep me busy I decided to whip up something for this afternoon's merienda.  I look in to our fridge and found some left over pita bread, burger patties, tomatoes, chili, black olives and tomato sauce.  Oh, yes I still have my quick melt cheese so I thought of making pizza.
Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wai Ying

I've been through a one hell of a week with the scheduled Internal Quality Audit in our company and with my ongoing projects.  So we decided to treat ourselves this last Friday.  we were actually thorn between Bannapple, in Ayala or our all time budget friendly hole-in-the-wall Binondo restaurant, Wai Ying.  With tight budget we settled with Wai Ying in Binondo.  anyway, our new officemates haven't tried it.  We traveled from Pasay to Binondo just to get a taste of their dish.  I don't mind it since I know it's worth it and my tummy will be happy that night.
Sunday, September 14, 2014

Egg and Coleslaw Wrap

The weather is a bit gloomy with rain showers from time to time.  Yes!  It's a lazy day.  I bet all you want to do is sleep and tuck yourself under your blanket.  Well, I'm guilty.

I don't have any plan to cook today since all I want to do is to sleep and rest.  Very much like a couch potato, right?  I checked out our fridge and my dad is busy charging and playing his tab when he asked me what's for merianda.  Okay, I'm caught off guard.  I don't have any plan, but this is some of the rare moment he would ask me to cook so I quickly scan the fridge and found some pita bread, cheese and small cabbage.  I grabbed some eggs and remembered I have a pouch of mayo in the kitchen.  With these ingredients there's only one thing I could make, egg and coleslaw wrap.  Very few ingredients and really simple to prepare.  Yup!  Just under 30 minutes.

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