Sunday, July 6, 2014

Liver Spread and Cream Cheese Sandwich

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The humble liver spread that we usually adds to Kaldereta for additional flavor is also a great spread for your bread, specially with hot pandesal.  I could still remember my grandfather would buy some hot pandesal in morning and there would always be a liver spread ready to go with it.  I love the taste of the liver spread smothered on my bread.  The light taste of pandesal and the mildly savory, sweet and spicy flavor of liver spread really goes well with each other.

Nowadays, I seldom get to taste their interesting flavor as I prefer to eat rice in the morning.  However, in one of our trip in Bicol, we bought a can of liver spread for our Filipino-style spaghetti sauce and a tub of cream cheese as our sandwich spread.  With my instinct, due to my love of cream cheese and liver spread, I combined those two and voila, they taste good together.  I love the combined creamy, tangy, sweet spicy and savory flavor of this spread.  It's as if the this sandwich spread is exploding with different flavors and yet you can distinguish the flavors coming form the liver spread and the cream cheese.

To add another layer of flavor to this spread, I added some chopped parsley.  The chopped parsley adds mild refreshing aroma and taste to this sandwich spread.  Pair it with nice toasted bread or with hot pandesal to start your day or to simply satisfy your afternoon hunger.  Don't forget some nice hot mug of coffee on the side.


1 bar                           Cream Cheese
1 small can                   Liver Spread
2 teaspoons                  Chopped Parsley


Simply combine cream cheese, liver spread and chopped parsley.  Mix until everything ingredients is well distributed.  Smother over hot toasted bread and pair with nice hot cup of coffee.

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    1. "Its ingredients are really good and i love cheese spread sandwich. I’ll definitely try it. "

      Sorry I accidentally clicked the delete button for this comment.

      The ingredients are easy to find, at least in the Philippines. You should give it a try. Great with hot bread for breakfast and a nice hot cup of coffee.


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