Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sardines and Sunny Side-up Eggs

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Today is one hot hell of a day.  Its as if I don't want to move an inch because of the weather.  Well, that's impossible because I have to cook for lunch.  I just felt really lazy today that I decided to cook something fast, simple and does not require me to stand near the stove so long.  This dish is so simple, affordable and something that reminds me of our (me and my mom) unusual surge of craving.  A simple can of sardines.

I find a can of sardines so handy when I'm hungry.  Sometimes, I just saute it with garlic and onion or throw some bok choy in it or just simply pop open the can and squeezed some calamansi juice and season it with rock salt.  Usually, I served it with hot steaming rice or if I want it for afternoon snack, I served with soft white bread and use the bread to wipe it clean and dunk the bread into my mouth.

It's holy week and pork is something we avoid during this week, so fish, vegies and other seafoods are a yes-yes in this religious celebration.  Since we don't have any fish or seafoods in the fridge I decided to open a couple of cans of sardines and simply sauteed it in olive oil.  So simple but a little twist of sunny side-up eggs, some parsley and sun dried tomatoes elevates this dish to a  new level.

This can be serve for breakfast, lunch or even a heavy afternoon snack.  You can pair it with fried rice (the way I want it to be served), plain steamed rice or some nice toasted bread that you can use to wipe it clean to get every last flavor of the sardines.  You can sprinkle some dried chili flakes to spiced it up but I defer in doing so, since my mom hates spicy foods.


2 Tablespoons                        Olive Oil
3 cloves                                 Garlic, chopped
1 head                                   Onion, chopped
2 pieces                                 Sun Dried Tomatoes in Sunflower Oil. sliced
2  small cans                          Sardines in Tomato Sauce, you can use plain or hot
salt to taste
2 pieces                                 Eggs
Chopped Parsley
Chili Flakes


Heat pan and add olive oil.  Saute garlic and onion until you could smell the delicious fragrance of the garlic and onion.  Add sliced sun dried tomatoes and saute for another minute.  Add the sardines and season with salt.  Simmer for 5 minutes or slightly reduce the sauce.  Crack the eggs over the simmering sardines and add chopped parsley and chili flakes.  Cover and continue simmering for another minute or two and switch off the heat.  Let the remaining heat cook the egg whites but be sure the yolks are still runny (the way I like my egg to be cooked), or depends upon how you want your eggs to be cooked.

Served with fried rice, steamed rice or bread.

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