Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blueberry and Jikama Shake

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I've been ranting the extremely hot weather lately and literally I've been having headaches because of the temperature.  This afternoon, I can't anymore stand the hot temperature so I decided to make some fruit shake.  I don't have the fancy fruits that one would normally use for fruit shake.  All I got were a can of blueberry pie filling and some chunks of yam bean /  jikama or what we call here in the Philippines singkamas.

Yam bean is a watery type of bulb that we usually dip in salt or with bagoong alamang.  Its white and crunchy and had a subtle hint of sweetness.  To be honest, its somewhat refreshing.  Did you also know that yam bean or singkamas is used as a whitening agent?  In the cosmetic industry we add it's extract in our lotions and creams for whitening effect.

Going back.  I realized that I don't have available fresh fruits to make some fruit shakes.  Just then I remembered I had a can of blue berry pie filling and some chunks of yam bean that I've been nibbling from time to time whenever hunger strikes me.  I found some condensed milk in the fridge and luckily we had some mini ice cubes, though its few, is a big help to ease this heat.

This is not your usual shake.  This fruit shake has a subtle tartness coming from the blueberry and a hint of aftertaste of the yam bean.  Its does not have the usual fruity taste of your fruit shake but the taste is interesting.


1 cup                            Chopped Yam Bean
1 cup                            Canned Blueberry
1 cup                            Cubed Ice
1/4 cup                         Condensed Milk


In a blender, add the yam bean.  Set you blender to Frappe or Liquify mode.  Add blueberry and ice and operate on the same mode.  Lastly, a the milk.  Adjust according to taste.

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