Monday, October 28, 2013

Wedding Cupcake 3: Vanilla Cupcake with Rosette Cream Cheese Frosting

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It's almost a month from now and my sister's big day is coming.  And thank God my ideas for the wedding favor are coming to light.  A pro home baker commented from my previous post that the frosting is so big, almost the size of the cupcake surface, so today, I minimized the frosting and added some silver beads to give some element of elegance.

For this cupcake, I really don't have any recipe in mind.  I just use my previous Vanilla Cupcake Recipe, intensified the red tint of my previous Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting and added some green food color to my Buttercream Frosting for the leaves.  I think I have to add additional sugar and more vanilla extract to my Vanilla Cupcake Recipe as I find it bland and less fragrance.  I think I would also add some lemon zest for additional flavor and fragrance.

But for now, this post is one of my few successful (I think) frosting adventure as of now.  Well, my sister and mom liked the design.  I think I have to work out the leaves and find for the right piping tip for the leaves.  Anyway, next weekend will be a long one and hopefully I could finalized the whole wedding favor, recipe, costing and designs.

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  1. They look so amazing! Love the design and colours- great work.

    1. Thanks! Took me some time to and practice to do that..hahahaha


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