Saturday, September 7, 2013

Toasted Bread with Baked Egg and Canned Sardines

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Its been a one hell of a tiring week for me.  I had to attend a two day training of Good Manufacturing Practice held at Alabang at the start of the week.  Its about another hour of travel for me from work.  I have to finish some of the formulations for my latest work project plus the documentations.  Yesterday, so I could have a one whole day rest to recuperate from stress, I already did our laundry until twelve in the morning of Saturday.

Today, I woke up very late, just before lunch.  The house is almost empty.  It's only me and my dad.  We had a nice hot nilagang baka for lunch.  After lunch, I just stay in my room and surf the net.  I think I'm getting old as I just want to stay home on my bed rather than going out and stroll in the mall.

I just want to lay on my bed and do nothing.  The weather is bright this morning but then, all of a sudden, it rained very hard accompanying by strong wind.  I thought there is another typhoon.  This kind of weather made me want to eat something that perfectly match the weather.  I'm thinking of doing a hot porridge or some macaroni soup but like what I've said, I felt doing nothing.  I just want to make something simple to alleviate my afternoon hunger.

I went to our pantry (our small sari-sari store) and the egg and sardines caught my attention.  I looked on our table and saw some loaf of tasty bread.  Yes, I'm thinking of some hot toasted bread dipped in canned sardines in tomato sauce.  To make things more interesting, I looked for a ramekin, opened the canned sardine and pour it in the ramekin.  Cracked the egg and place it on top of the ramekin with canned sardines.  Season with salt and pepper flakes and baked in the preheated oven toaster.  Got some pieces of the tasty bread.  Drizzle some olive oil on it and season with salt and black pepper and toast it on a hot non stick pan until brown.

To eat, simply scoop some of those baked sardines on half of the toasted bread, fold it and take a good bite.  Another way to it this is to mix the egg and sardines using a spoon as soon as it pop out of the oven and you have now a sardine-egg mixture.  Tear a quarter of the toasted bread, take a spoonful of the sardines and place on top of the toasted bread and pop it in your mouth.  Or simply dip your toasted bread in the sardines mixture.  It's simple and yet so delicious, perfect for this gloomy afternoon.

1 small can                                Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Salt and Italian Seasoning
1 whole                                     Egg
Salt and pepper flakes

Tasty Bread
Olive Oil


Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  Open the canned sardines and pour everything in a ramekin.  Season with salt and Italian seasoning.  Cracked the egg on top of the sardines.  Season with salt and pepper flakes.  Baked in the oven according to your desired egg consistency.  About 8 minute for runny yolk and 10 to 12 minutes for hard yolk.  When done  Drizzle some olive oil and serve with some nice toasted bread.

For the toasted bread, simply drizzle the tasty bread with the olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Heat a non stick pan on a medium high heat.  When the pan is already smoking hot, place the tasty bread on the pan until brown and flip to the other side to brown.

toasted bread, baked egg, baked sardines, breakfast egg recipes, baked egg cups, canned sardines recipe, breakfast recipes, easy breakfast recipes


  1. this was very good, simple nutritious very european

  2. Yup! This is so easy to prepare and really affordable.


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