Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tofu Tuna Nachos

I love tofu.  Steamed, cooked in soup, fried or breaded, I just love it.  Finding new ways to enjoy tofu is fun.  This recipe is great for appetizer, snack or pulutan (a finger food usually paired with beer or alcoholic beverages in the Philippines).  Even non-tofu lover will enjoy eating this.  Also, this is perfect this Lenten Season, no meat allowed.

500g                          Extra Firm Tofu, sliced thinly
Oil for deep frying

3 pcs                        Ripe Tomatoes, chopped 
1/4 cup                     Parsley, chopped finely
1 pc                          Onion, chopped finely
pinch                         Salt
pinch                         Cumin Powder

150g                         Canned Tuna (I used San Marino Corned Tuna, double this quantity if you're 
                                 generous enough)
pinch                         Cumin Powder
1/2 tsp                       Paprika

Cheese Sauce
250mL                      All Purpose Cream (I used 1 brick of Nestle All Purpose Cream)
125g                         Quick Melt Cheese
pinch                         Salt


Crispy Tofu
Deep fry thinly sliced tofu in oil and set a side.

Combine the ingredients for the salsa and set a side.

Place the canned tuna in a hot pan, not need to add oil since the canned tuna already has oil.  Add the cumin powder and paprika.  Stir and continue heating until already dry, set a side.

Cheese Sauce
Place the all purpose cream and quick melt cheese in a pan.  Heat in a very low heat.  Keep stirring until the cheese melts.  Do not let the cream boil or simmer or this will curdle.  Just little heating and few stirring will do.

Place the fried tofu in a plate.  Add 1/3 of salsa and 1/3 of the tuna.  Top with the cheese sauce.  Add the remaining salsa and tuna and serve.

It's crispy (when you sliced the tofu as thin as possible) and you won't be able to taste the distinct taste of tofu, as my sister dislikes its taste.  It's creamy and cheesy.  The salsa is light and refreshing with a hint of the cumin.  I should have been generous with the tuna and doubled it's quantity.  But all in all, this is a new way to enjoy tofu as a snack or appetizer.


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