Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cassava Cake Make Over

My dad has been hospitalized for a few days and undergone a non-surgical procedure.  He is doing good now.  Our neighbor gave him a box of cassava cake as a get well soon gift.

Cassava cake is a Filipino dessert made of cassava and other ingredients which I do not know of.  I am not a big fan of cassava cake, though.  Cassava cakes are selling like hot cakes here in the Philippines.  You will see different stores selling different cassava cakes with various toppings.  This particular brand of cassava cake has a very soft, almost like pichi-pichi texture, another Filipino rice cake dish.  It is different from the traditional cassava cake with a firm chewy texture.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

French Toast Apple Pie

I love the aroma of cinnamon.  It has this distinct scent that really makes me hungry or crave.  The taste, combined it with brown sugar and you can't go wrong.  Cinnamon, sugar and green apple, that's heaven.  The mixture of flavors are simply amazing.  The sweet spiciness of cinnamon, sweetness of brown sugar and the tartness from green apples just bring all the flavors together.  I love them with apple pies.
Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pancit Canton Face-off

Instant pancit canton is an all time favorite of Filipinos, that's in my case.  It was launched in the 90's and eating this instant noodle just bring backs my childhood memories.  I enjoy it as is but I love it with plain white rice.  You can also enjoy it with hot pandesal.  It is my childhood afternoon snack and a good way to ease my hunger.  Have a hard boiled egg on the side and it's perfect.